I have had the unique opportunity of studying with Jayna over the past 2 decades, spanning my transition from childhood into adulthood, and experiencing her teaching through the lenses of both Musical Mythology and Interactive Metronome. It has only occurred to me in retrospect how truly transformational and profound Jayna's Way of teaching is. I have come to recognize that I have something that not all around me have- a deeply embodied and intuitive sense of music and life. Music flows out of me spontaneously and without effort, I am able to improvise comfortably with beginners and professionals alike, I have a highly attuned and keen musical ear, and perhaps most importantly, know how to make music accessible to others through play, all of which has stemmed directly from my work with Jayna. As a child I loved my time with her and was completely unaware how much she was teaching me, as I thought we were simply playing fun games together, when in fact, she was introducing me to a kind of world of music that is woven through all aspects of life. She is incredibly adaptable, able to respond to the needs of individuals gracefully and with tremendous nurturing care and attention. The kind of learning a person takes away from time with Jayna is beyond memorization and compartmentalized skills- it is an experience that transfers into an embodied, felt sense of self that lasts. The benefits of my time studying with Jayna are innumerable, far reaching, and still unfolding before my very eyes. -Melodie Kauff- Curriculum Design and Instructor of programs at “Weaving Earth-” Bay area - California
My work with Jayna has made me a more confident and centered person, and I have a much deeper understanding of an instrument I have been playing for over 20 years -Gabriel Dresdale, cellist Anyone who has the opportunity to experience Jayna’s work on any level will be fortunate. I can only hint at results that are possible -Joseph Giardullo -professional musician and composer Now that my 7 year old is taking piano lessons, his tutor is amazed at how fast he has learned to read music…..my younger son is now taking drum lessons with an experienced teacher who feels he has the playing abilities of a much older child. I fully attribute both of my sons’ skills to the foundations laid by years of working with Jayna Rochelle Victor. Parent and coordinator at High Meadow School
I can’t say enough good about Jayna! She is a delightful person and brilliant teacher. Her ingenious techniques incorporate surprising elements to teach very young children the principals of music and notation without any rote learning. The best testimonial comes from my three year old son, who has been seeing her on a weekly basis since he was 18 months old. Whenever I tell him it’s time for his music lesson, he shouts joyfully, “Yea! It’s a Jayna day!,” Jenny Ojuomi Fox Ph.D I have had the pleasure of working with Jayna over many years, engaging her as a flutist to record a commercial CD as well as numerous sessions of underscoring for television. In addition, I have had the pleasure of performing several concerts with her. Jayna is an extraordinary and unique individual. She’s creative, intuitive,innately musical and very much alive. She brings these qualities to every aspect of her work, which in addition to musical performance includes the creation of programs for child development and training of college teachers in the field of education.She has also designed and manufactured flute and woodwind stands that are stunning, and are used by leading professionals, including James and Lady Galway. --Frederic Hand….Composer and, Recording artist,, guitarist for The Metropolitan Opera and Teacher at Mannes College of Music
I first met Jayna when she came to my studio to learn some hand drumming techniques. I was very much surprised at her extraordinary musical talents. Subsequently I have performed with her on various occasions in which I have been music director. She not only learns quickly, (on at least three instruments) but also transcribes, often on first hearing. As music educators we have often talked about the state of music education especially in schools. I know she has developed many interesting and diverse approaches in this regard. I would highly recommend her not only for her expertise, but also for her dedication to this field. -Steve Silverman----percussionist and inventor of “the spike” mallet instrument

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