What Is Musical Mythology?
 Musical Mythology(MM) is a method for teaching and learning the language of music, invented and developed by Jayna Nelson. The system was created for people of all ages who have the desire to awaken the musician within. Jayna recognized that there needed to be an alternate approach to music education, where music was experienced as an integrated part of life as opposed to the linear and separate way in which music is often taught. ﷯ She observed that many of the mass-marketed musical toys and printed materials for children's musical education were full of musical "dis-information." It was evident that the designs of the aforementioned products were lacking in musical contexts, and various inconsistencies in the relationships of music are thus introduced and incorporated into the child's musical (mis)understanding. Jayna became inspired to create an alternative where people's creative ideas were honored and where all aural, visual, spatial, and kinesthetic relationships were consistent from the beginning. Musical Mythology was created to provide that option of a more holistic music-learning mode. Not only do people develop true joy in music-making though Musical Mythology, but also they gain an internal, whole-brain understanding of it. The study of music opens up pathways for other kinds of learning. Recent studies in brain development have shown that when areas of the brain are stimulated by music, synapse development improves in other areas of the brain that process language, mathematics and concepts for other problem solving. In addition, students begin to gain an awareness of their personal learning styles, which they can carry into all areas of their lives, thus improving self-esteem and the ability to consciously create their own experiences. Students’ lessons are filled with a variety of games and activities that are tailored to suit the needs of the individual. One of the games favored by many participants is “Hide the Chime”. This game provides ear training (listening vs. looking), spatial relationship orientation, and acquaints the students with all instruments available in the room by utilizing the familiar concept of hide-and-seek. One of the most immediately observable aspects of Musical Mythology is that it is FUN! All of the senses are incorporated and music is studied in relationship to what is familiar and interesting to each person. The system can be described as spontaneous, playful, and experiential. The sessions are process rather than goal oriented and everyone is allowed and encouraged to proceed at their own pace The games are not win/lose scenarios but are about the joy of being present in the moment of exploration. When people are able to express themselves and their creativity through nonverbal communication, they’ve begun to tap into a universal language that can dissolve barriers and promotes improved connection to their relationships in the world. Musical Mythology is a one-of-a-kind program that reaffirms the inherent wonder of music in all who participate.

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