Bloom Of Creation - Jayna Nelson - 2009 Jayna Nelson, Matt Schulman, John Esposito, Francois Moutin, Peter O'Brien

Star Seeds

"...playing that possesses a balanced logic and earthiness....and intricately weaves her sound into the fabric of a composition.....stretching into each other’s musical space without creating a crowded sound...” - Cheryl K. Symister-Masterson Chronogram “....a balance of the emotive and cognitive aspects of the thought process.... conveys a feeling of close interaction and an unhindered transition from lyrical moments...to the more brusque......Nelson and her group achieved something special..." Jakob Baekgaard allaboutjazz.com
Wizards - 2014 Tani Tabbal/Rasoul Siddik/Jaribu Shahid/Jayna Nelson


John Esposito - A Book Of Five Rings - 2008 John Esposito, Jayna Nelson, Matt Schulman, Eric Person, James Finn, Tony Underwood, Hilliard Greene, Peter O'Brien

And His Spirit Ascends

Odyssey - 2015 Fred Hand/Jayna Nelson

A Psalm Of Thanksgiving

Singing Bowls And One - 2004 Peter Blum, Jayna Nelson

Skin Walker

Vignettes - 2008 Marilyn Crispell - ECM (Composition only: Cuida Tu Espiritu - Jayna Nelson)

Cuida Tu Espritu

Soul Suitcase - c1998 Marilyn Crispell/Jayna Nelson - (score for film by Paul DeStephano)
We Owe The Grave Many A Day - 2002 Jeanne Nametz - (Jayna Nelson - Producer, Composer and arranger)
 Producer: Jeff Marx - Treading Air Breathing Fire- Naugual Fred Hand - Solos For Guitar-Willow Music Jeanne Namitz - We Owe The Grave Many A Day (also arranger and composer)) Jayna Nelson - Bloom Of Creation- Sunjump Jayna Nelson - Kidcelebration-personalized name tapes-songs for children (composer and lyricist)

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